REVAC® Superflex S FF & SGQ 50-25 FF

REVAC® SGQ 50-25 FF and REVAC® SUPERFLEX S 50 FF are Class ‘O’ rated and have been specifically aimed at a problem areas in construction – air ducting, soil and water pipe work – which are both major contributors in the transmission of airborne noise in modern buildings.

REVAC® SGQ 50-25 FF is a ‘space layer’ acoustic pipe or duct wrap with excellent acoustic and flame retardant properties. The barrier material is composed of a polymeric sheet based on mineral loaded compounds of synthetic rubbers and plastics with a reinforced foil facing on one side that allows for installation of matching lag tape. The barrier is laminated to a glass mineral wool quilt that is fabric faced to aid adhesion and reduce fibre migration.

REVAC® SUPERFLEX SFF Series are foil faced ‘monolayer’ barriers used to wrap noisy pipes, ducts, valves, and fan housings.
These products are primarily engineered for indoor use and ideal for although there is virtually no end of uses to which this product can be applied.