DEDPAN® DC10 Series

Applied in the same thickness or greater than original substrate DEDPAN®Vibration Damping Compounds are an extremely efficient panel damping material, effective in the suppression of vibration and vibration generated noise.

The selective grading of its various inorganic mineral fillers, dispersed in a polymeric binder limit vibration and the generation of sound.

It is normally applied in a paint shop manually, robotically through industry standard spray, swirl or multi-stream equipment; small areas may also be towelled. As a monolithic material it is easily applied around complex shapes.

It is recommended for use in new construction metal enclosures of all types, cabinets, refuse chutes, hoppers, machine fencing, internal fittings, household machines, lift carriages, on rain screens, and in passenger carrying vehicles and to reduce hydrodynamic vibrations in ship hulls – or almost anything in between.


Is a sprayable water based co-polymer emulsion loaded with mineral fillers. It is solvent free, easy to apply and can be used in most interior and semi-exposed areas. It can be sprayed onto smooth and irregular surfaces. Once applied it has a monolithic spray texture finish.


This Vibration damping compound is a trowelable and fileable material. It is a water based putty-like paste composed of a unique high efficiency polyvinyl acetate emulsion with mineral fillers.


This is a sprayable aqueous suspension for use with large bore spray equipment. It has been designed to give good overall damping performance across a wide temperature range and is the preferred product in the range for sub-zero environments.

The product can be can be sprayed by typical an (airless) spray pumping and delivery systems.