Dedpan® Vibration Damping

DEDPAN® acoustical damping systems, sprayable, vibration-damping coatings, pressure-sensitive damping sheets and wide range of constrained layers.

DEDPAN® is the tradename of a family of highly engineered vibration damping materials designed to optimize acoustical performance, weight and cost.

DEDPAN®produces substantial noise reductions quickly and easily by providing highly efficient, practical and effective sound deadening for structure borne resonant vibration. It is ideal in all situations which require maximum effectiveness for minimum weight and thickness.

DEDPAN® is a family of extensional and constrained layer visco-elastic products designed to reduce structural vibration in light gauge metal or panels from impact sources, panel resonance and sound induced coincidence. It inhibits the build up of continuous or impulsive excitation thereby dramatically reducing the levels of radiated noise.

An Ecological Vibratation Damping Solution.

The specific composition of DEDPAN® has been engineered to provide a clean, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly product. Active recycling is standard practise in our manufacturing process. At product life-end DEDPAN® materials can be safely incinerated with predictable results.


DEDPAN® Product Series & Applications

  • DS20 Series
    General Purpose damping sheet for roofs,
    doors and sound systems
  • DS20 SE Series
    Specially developed damping sheet with low flammability, smoke, fume and toxicity.
  • DS 20 CL Series
    Constrained layer’ Aluminium faced damping Sheet
  • DC 10 Series
    Sprayable & Trowellable Damping Compounds.
  • RDV
    An effective new solution to significantly reduce rain noise on metal roofing systems.